Basement Insulation

What Is Basement Insulation?

Installing basement insulation blocks drafts, creates a steady temperature all year long, lowers home energy payments and creates warmer floors in the winter. Non insulated homes release cold energy from the ground into the home as well as moisture, pests, and drafts. Once a basement is properly insulated, cold temperatures are blocked from ever seeping into the structure, establishing a comfortable environment from the basement up.

Why Should You Install Basement Insulation?

Basement insulation is extremely beneficial as it blocks out pests, creates warmer home temperatures and reduces moisture. Mold growth can occur in basements with too much moisture and cause health issues for the occupants. Once the basement is thoroughly insulated, moisture is unable to enter which keeps the basement drier, blocking mold growth and protecting the health of the inhabitants.

 Insulated basement walls and ceilings create cooler floors in summer and warmer floors in winter. Tiny holes and cracks are plugged up by basement insulation, preventing pests from entering the home, which establishes a cleaner more sanitary environment. After a steady temperature is established though basement insulation, cold and hot air cannot rise to the upper home levels, creating a comfortable environment year round. 

Basement Insulation Products:

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