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Rockford Insulation Pros is a family owned company focused on improving our customer’s lives and our communities through insulation services. Properly insulating a home or business saves money on energy payments, increases comfort, and protects the environment by cutting down on the use of natural resources to condition the structure. Our company offers free estimates and can evaluate the concerns of the customer as well as search for any additional areas that need improvement or insulation added.

We offer many types of insulation services such as insulation installation, insulation removal, air sealing, home energy assessments, attic restorations and more. No matter what type of insulation service you are looking for, Rockford Insulation Pros is here to help and promises you 100% satisfaction with our warranty. Rockford Insulation Pros is a local company that cares about the safety, wellbeing, and comfort of our customers and we enjoy working to improve through insulation services our local communities that we know and love.

Below are videos about different insulation products, installations, and education on insulation benefits. Feel free to take some time and learn more about insulation services and watch a few videos. The Rockford Insulation Pros team is dedicated to improving comfort and energy efficiency through insulation services for every customer and meeting all of their needs. 

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