Rockwool Insulation

What Is Rockwool Insulation?

Rockwool Insulation is created by melting down rocks at a high temperature and then spinning the rock into fiber strands. Rockwool material was originally discovered naturally occurring in Hawaii, as a result of high winds blowing the molten rock during volcanic eruptions, which was then found hanging from trees near volcanos. The rockwool strands can be formed into batts or blown-in insulation material. Rockwool Insulation has an R-Value of about 3.0-R to 3.3-R per inch.

Why Install Rockwool Insulation?

One major benefit of rockwool insulation is that it helps prevent fires as it is composed of rock and non combustible. Another reason to use rockwool insulation is that it is extremely effective at muffling noises. Rockwool insulation helps deter mold as rockwool does not absorb water and is water repellant. Rockwool is a sustainable natural resource because it composed of rock and also has an extremely long lifespan, lasting the life of the building. Rockwool can be installed in batts or as a blown-in insulation.

Benefits of Rockwool Insulation

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