Sound Deadening

What Is Sound Deadening?

Not only is insulation used for improving comfort and energy efficiency, it is also used for sound deadening. Sound deadening is important for muffling out noises from neighbors, passing cars, barking dogs, and noises from within other rooms of the structure.

The difference between sound proofing and sound deadening is that in sound proofing, all sound is completely blocked out, while sound deadening only muffles and reduces sound waves. Sound deadening can be achieved by using certain types of insulation, while sound proofing requires additional materials to achieve the effect. Sound deadening insulation is available in these various forms: open cell spray foam, fiberglass, denim, and rockwool. Each version of insulation offers a different Sound Transmission Class.

STC Levels

Sound Transmission Class or STC is a measured rating of a material’s effectiveness in reducing sound between walls, ceilings, doors, floors, and windows. Understanding STC levels can help determine which type of insulation is needed for the structure.

Which Insulation Products Are Used For Sound Deadening?

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