Sonoglass Spray Insulation

What Is Sonoglass Spray Insulation?

Sonoglass is a non-combustible fiberglass based spray insulation which is applied as an acoustic and thermal treatment. The spray can adhere to many types of surfaces such as flat, domed, curved or irregular making Sonoglass a preferred choice in many theaters, gymnasiums and churches. 

Noise levels are drastically reduced by applying a thin layer of Sonoglass Spray, creating a sound controlled environment which is more comfortable for loud venues, sports games, performances and audiences.

Why Install Sonoglass Spray Insulation?

Sonoglass provides excellent sound control with only a thin layer of insulation being applied, making this form of acoustical insulation more economical than many cellulose based acoustical insulation spray products. The applied finish of Sonoglass is smoother, flatter and more polished than cellulose spray, giving the product a more esthetic appeal. 

Sonoglass is non-combustible, rated flame-spread 0 and is 58% created from recycled materials. This product is available in numerous different colors and can be sprayed onto various surface types. Sonoglass is mold resistant and has an R-Value of R-3.733 per inch.

What Are the Benefits Of Sonoglass Spray Insulation?

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