Ice Dam Control And Removal

What Is An Ice Dam?

Ice dams are large buildups of ice and icicles hanging from the edges or eaves of a roof. When a structure is improperly insulated, the heat rises up to the attic and melts the snow or ice. The melted water then runs down to the eaves of the roof freezes into ice dams.

Ice Dams Cause These Various Damages

How Can Ice Dams Be Controlled And Prevented?

Ice dams can be controlled and prevented by thoroughly insulating the attic, air sealing off any drafts or gaps, and ensuring proper attic ventilation. By maintaining a steady temperature across the entire roof and eaves, ice dams are prevented and unable to form.

Install insulation with a high enough R-Value for the climate area. Ventilation should also be installed along along ridges and soffits in order to prevent ice dams. An insulated cover can be added to a whole house fan as well as attic hatches in order to stop heat from escaping. The attic must be completely air sealed around problem areas such as wiring, pipes, vents, ducts, chimneys, and furnaces.  Chimneys must also be flashed and sealed in order to prevent leakage from outside elements and heat escape.

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