Blown-In Blanket System

What Is A (BIBS) Blown-In Blanket System?

(BIBS) Blown-In Blanket System is an insulation product composed of a mesh netting which is installed over wooden studs in a wall or ceiling and then blown-in with a loose fill insulation. The netting allows for loose fill insulation to be held in place while perfectly insulating around pipes, electrical boxes, and ductwork without leaving any air gaps.

Why Use A (BIBS) Blown-In Blanket System?

Insulation muffles outside noises from entering a home, promoting a more peaceful living environment. Without proper insulation, homes can become noisy and uncomfortable. Walls can feel paper thin, and inhabitants may be able to hear everything going on in the rooms around them. When a home is thoroughly insulated, sound waves are absorbed into the insulation and noise levels are lowered. Many additional products with sound dampening properties are available and can be used between walls, floors, and ceilings to stop noise pollution in your home.

Energy efficiency saves money on energy bills and reduces CO2 emissions.  As the world becomes more informed about carbon impact, our company can help you reduce the carbon footprint of your home and plan for a more sustainable future. 

BIBS fills cracks and stops drafts from entering, which in turn blocks out pollutants, allergens, pests, condensation, mold and mildew. By properly insulating a home, you are protecting the health of the inhabitants inside.

Proper insulation reduces carbon emissions by cutting down the amount of heating or cooling needed in a building, which requires less electricity or fossil fuels to condition atmosphere of the structure.

Having a properly insulated building helps maintain comfortable temperatures year-round. With proper insulation and air sealing, people will spend less time thinking about comfort and more time enjoying time at home with family.

Benefits Of A (BIBS) Blown-In Blanket System

(BIBS) blown-in blanket system is a high-density form of insulation. It is extremely effective at filling small gaps and crevices, blocking out any air from getting through. BIB-Systems are incredibly useful for sound dampening, as well as blocking out drafts, pollens, pests, molds, pollutants, and moisture because they allow loose fill insulation to be packed tightly into walls or ceilings without any gaps.

Blown-in Blanket System (BIBS) insulation has high R-Values, about R-4.23 per inch. This densely packed form of insulation is also resistant to settling which prevents any air gaps from forming. The BIBS product is created from non-combustible materials which protect the building and inhabitants in the event of a fire. In addition, the BIBS is created from recycled materials which are also mold resistant.

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