Fresh Air Ventilation

What is a fresh air ventilation system?

Fresh air ventilation systems are connected to your existing HVAC system and are used to circulate the air within a structure. Installing a fresh air ventilation system usually goes hand in hand with air sealing a home or business. 

After sealing off all drafts, cracks and gaps, a fresh air ventilation system can be installed to circulate clean outside air into the structure. Fresh air ventilation is also important in buildings that have been insulated with spray foam. Spray foam naturally acts as an air seal and allowing the proper amount of air flow into the home or business keeps the environment healthy.

How does installing a fresh air ventilation system prevent COVID-19?

Proper ventilation plays an essential role in COVID-19 prevention in homes, schools, business, and any other establishment where gatherings occur. Allowing ventilated outside air into a structure minimizes the number of airborne pollutants such as pollen, mold, dirt, and viruses. Circulating air and letting a building breathe, and limiting unwanted air leakage between indoor spaces, removes viruses from the air. 

Opening windows or door allows air circulation into a building but may not be the best solution on a hot day when the air conditioning is running or on a cold day when the heater is on. Fresh air ventilation works with the HVAC system of a structure and allows fresh air intake all year long without affecting the temperature of the building.

What is the difference between fresh air ventilation, air filtration, and air purification?

While a fresh air ventilation eliminates air pollutants and viruses by circulating fresh air into the structure, air filtration and purification can always be added to the HVAC system for enhanced health protection.

Does my home need fresh air ventilation?

Often times homeowners or business owners are unaware of poor air quality within the building. A few tell-tale signs that a structure needs fresh air ventilation include:

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