Insulation Removal

What Is Insulation Removal?

Rockford Insulation Pros provides insulation removal services. Removing old insulation can be important if there are any damages due to disasters, leaks, or old deteriorated insulation. Removing damaged or old insulation has many benefits such as removing pests, stopping wood rot, stopping structural deterioration, improving air quality, preventing health issues, removing mold and mildew and allowing room for improvement.

Why Is Insulation Removal Important?

One important reason to remove insulation is to eliminate damages caused by pests. In situations where where an attic has a weak spot and raccoons have gotten inside, insulation removal is extremely necessary. Raccoons leave urine and feces behind which may develop into a petri dish for bacteria and disease growth. These diseases and bacteria can become airborne as well as saturated inside the insulation and then blown about the house through the heating and cooling systems. Another reason to remove insulation after a raccoon infestation is to eliminate unpleasant odors which may also attract further wildlife to the area. In order to protect the health of the inhabitants of the structure, removing the soiled insulation and animal droppings is essential. 

Water damaged insulation may be caused from leaks in a roof, storm damage, or condensation build up from drafts blown in through cracks. Black mold tends to grow on water damaged insulation and is then blown through a house by the HVAC system, which can lead to respiratory illnesses. Saturated insulation can cause mildew and wood rot on the surrounding boards. Water damaged insulation removal should be completed as soon as possible to prevent mold, respiratory illnesses, mildew, wood rot, and deterioration of the building structure.

Why Is Vermiculite Insulation Removal Important?

Another important reason for insulation removal is to get rid of old, outdated and unsafe vermiculite insulation. Vermiculite is a mineral that was used for insulation from about 1925 to about 1985. Vermiculate can be considered dangerous as the majority of the product sold in the United States came from a mine in Libby, Montana which was contaminated with asbestos. 

Asbestos insulation can cause diseases, cancer and illnesses. If a home has vermiculite insulation, going into the attic is not advised, as this disturbs the insulation, making it go airborne and causing respiratory sickness. This type of insulation needs to be removed by a professional in order to prevent cancerous material from being consumed by the inhabitants. 

Benefits of Insulation Removal

How Does Insulation Removal Work?

 Rockford Insulation Pros removes soiled insulation by first sucking it out with an insulation vacuum. Any mold or animal contamination is removed, sterilized with an industrial cleaner, and then treated with an odor neutralizer. Our technicians thoroughly inspect the area after the insulation is removed and alert the customer of any further damages found. Once the structure is cleaned and repaired of any damages, new installation can be installed.

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