Attic Vermiculite

Removing Vermiculite Insulation And Upgrading To Safer Products

What Is Vermiculite Insulation And Why Is It Dangerous?

Vermiculite is a mineral that was used for insulation from about 1919 to about 1985. Vermiculate can be considered dangerous as the majority of the product sold in the United States came from a mine in Libby, Montana which was contaminated with asbestos. 

Asbestos insulation can cause diseases, cancer and illnesses. If a home has vermiculite insulation, going into the attic is not advised, as this disturbs the insulation, making it go airborne and causing respiratory sickness. This type of insulation needs to be removed by a professional in order to prevent cancerous material from being consumed by the inhabitants. 

When Should A Home Owner Have Vermiculite Insulation Professionally Removed?

If a home with vermiculite insulation is undergoing a remodel or renovation which exposes the insulation, calling a professional to remove the unsafe material is a vital health precaution. Simple home improvements such as updating a light fixture or fan can disturb the insulation and cause it to become airborne, putting everyone in the home at risk for asbestos exposure. Larger home projects such electrical work or ceiling and wall demolition leave large amounts of the vermiculite insulation exposed, making the job even more dangerous. Whether the job is small or large, a professional needs to be called before any work exposing the insulation is started.

Financial Assistance Is Available For Vermiculite Insulation Removal And Replacement

The Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust was founded on 02/03/2014 by W. R. Grace and is offering anyone with Zonolite brand vermiculite insulation up to 55% reimbursement for Zonolite removal and reinstallation of a safer product. Claims must be submitted with proof of the Zonolite brand being used in the home and can be made on this website link.

After Vermiculite Insulation Is Removed, What Type Of Insulation Should I Replace It With?

Insulation products can be installed in batts, sprayed as a foam, blown-in as a loose fill, or applied as a radiant barrier. Insulation efficiency is measured by R-Value – the higher the R-Value, the greater the insulating capabilities of the product. Insulation products are also treated to deter mold, pests, and fire. Just because one type of insulation may have a higher R-Value, this does not mean it is the best fit for every structure. Different buildings need have different needs for insulation. Rockford Insulation Pros offers free estimates and can help you determine which insulation product best suits your needs.

Why choose Rockford Insulation Pros?

Rockford Insulation Pros provides professional insulation removal and installation services using top of the line insulation products guaranteed to improve energy efficiency and comfort. Our company offers several different types of insulation which are specialized to fit various needs. By properly insulating your investment, you are cutting down energy usage, saving money on energy payments, and preserving the natural resources needed to heat or cool the structure. 

We offer a free quote and estimate for all customers, focusing on the issues presented to us and alerting the customer of any other potential known or unknown areas which need improvement. Our technicians are professional, on time, efficient, and can work with your schedule in order to get the job done. Call Rockford Insulation Pros today and see how our insulation services can reduce your energy costs, protect your health and increase your comfort.


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