Winter Window

Stop Cold Winter Drafts With Air Sealing

When sitting by a door or window during winter, you may notice a slight breeze, a howling noise every time the wind blows, or condensation build up on the window. Cracks around windows or doors allow warm air to escape and allow cold air to enter the home. Constant drafts are uncomfortable and require the homeowner to constantly raise the heat in the house, cover up in blankets, or even avoid cold rooms altogether. Drafty doors and windows not only cost the homeowner more money, they allow in moisture intake which can cause mold, mildew, wood rot, or structural damages. Air sealing cracks and gaps in a home prevents drafts, while increasing comfort, promoting better health, and protecting the home from damages.

What Is Air Sealing?

Rockford Insulation Pros provides air sealing, which closes off gaps inside a structure, providing comfort and conserving energy. Air sealing stops drafts, air leakage, condensation, reduces moisture, and prevents pests. Two methods of air sealing include caulking and weather stripping. Caulking is used to fill cracks around stationary window frames and door frames, while weather stripping seals the moving parts of a home, such as doors and windows.

When outside air enters or exits a structure through cracks and crevices, this is called Air Leakage. Air leakage is detrimental to homes and businesses as it lets in moisture which can result in mold, mildew, or allergens. By air sealing off your home or business, you are essentially closing every “window” left open to the cold on a winter day, protecting your health, and ensuring the longevity of your investment.

What Are the Benefits Of Air Sealing?

Air sealing offers many benefits for homes and businesses. One major benefit is preventing drafts. Drafts are more noticeable in colder months and can make the living environment uncomfortable. Areas around door and windows may be colder than inner areas of the home due to cracks and gaps which cause drafts. Air sealing these drafty areas ensures a more stable temperature throughout the structure and increases the comfort of the inhabitants. 

Another benefit of air sealing is maintaining a steady temperature year round. Buildings with large amounts of air leakage may have heating and cooling units constantly running in order to condition the rooms. Sealing off these types of air leaks conserves energy, saves money, extends the life of heating and cooling systems, and protects the natural resources used to condition a structure.

Air sealing also promotes cleaner air quality. Pollens, allergens, and pollutants can enter a building through cracks and gaps when a draft blows through. These airborne irritants may increase allergies, colds, or sicknesses. Air sealing protects the health of those inhabiting a building and through the use of a ventilation system, a purified air quality can be achieved.

Pests can gain access to a building through gaps in doors, walls, or windows and through tiny spaces around wiring, lighting, ducts and piping. Air sealing blocks out pests from the structure, which prevents infestations, illnesses, and deterioration to the home or business.

Air sealing is important in preventing condensation in a building. Condensation can appear inside a structure when warm air is blown in through cracks and makes contact with colder objects. Over an extended period of time, condensation can produce mold, mildew, warp or rot wood, deteriorate insulation, and cause structural damage. Properly air sealing a home or business protects the property and the occupants inside.

Adequately air sealing a home or business is extremely important in protecting against drafts, air leakage, maintaining a stable temperature, promoting a cleaner air quality, blocking out pests, and preventing condensation. Air sealing may even qualify the home or business owner for a tax credit.

Air Sealing Closes Off Gaps In:

  • Doors
  • Box Sills
  • Windows
  • Rim Joists 
  • Exterior Walls
  • Electrical Fixtures
  • Forced Air Ductwork

Why choose Rockford Insulation Pros for air sealing services?

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