K13 Insulation

What Is K13 Insulation?

K13 is a fire resistive insulation product which is sprayed onto ceilings as an exposed finish and used for noise and thermal control. K13 is generally used in noisy establishments such as bars, restaurants, event venues, or offices in order to create a more comfortable and sound controlled atmosphere.

Why Should You Install K13 Insulation?

K13 spray is a versatile insulation product which can be applied for many uses. This spay is most commonly known for it’s sound absorption qualities. It is composed of cellulose based materials which absorb sound and reduce noise reverberation and overall noise level. K13 spray can be used for sound reduction in loud venues with life music, can lower the sounds of chatter within an office or even lessen the sound of rainfall on the roof.

K13 is a fire resistant product with aย class 0 fire rating, meaning that it prevents the spread of flames on a surface while also decreasing heat release in the event of a fire. Applying K13 spray to a ceiling makes the structure safer for the inhabitants if a fire were ever to occur.

This spray is offered in many various colors which are sprayed on as an exposed finish to any ceiling and can match any color scheme. K13 spray is considered a green form of insulation as it is composed of recyclable cellulose materials created from wood and cotton.

K13 spray can be applied to many types of surfaces such as concrete, gypsum, wood, glass, plasterboard, or metal. When sprayed onto a ceiling, K13 fills in any cracks or gaps which creates an air seal and stops air leakage, moisture, and condensation. K13 has an R value of 3.75 per inch and can be applied as thick as 5 inches onย flat, curved, domed and corrugated surfaces.

What Are the Benefits Of K13 Insulation?

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