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Additional Insulation Services Provided

In addition to our traditional insulation services, we also offer many other insulation related services such as  sound deadening, air sealing, home energy assessment, ice dam control or removal and fresh air ventilation.

Air sealing is a dual process: caulking and weather stripping. Weather stripping seals the home’s movable pieces such as windows and doors while caulking closes off gaps and cracks on stationary window and door frames. A major benefit of air sealing is preventing air leakage which lets in allergens, pollens, mold, mildew, cold drafts and summer heat.

Adding sound deadening insulation offers many benefits for recording studios, work from home offices, meditation rooms and musician’s practice rooms. The process of sound deadening is accomplished by installing specialty insulation products which muffle and diminish sound waves. Sound deadening creates a more comfortable home environment by muffling noise transfer between inner rooms and blocking outside noises from being heard within the home.

In order to circulate fresh air through a home or business, a fresh air ventilation system can be added to a building’s existing HVAC system. Clean air circulation has become increasingly important due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For even further protection, air filtration and purification systems can be added on.

In order to evaluate the energy efficiency of a building, a series of diagnostic tests can be performed, which is known as a home energy assessment. This procedure measures energy usage, combustion safety, indoor air quality and energy loss. The diagnostic tests performed include: thermal imaging, combustion safety, blower door and indoor air quality. 

Ice dams are formations of frozen water build up on the edges or eaves of a roof, which over time develop into icicles or ice sheets. Ice dam prevention is a process which includes venting, sealing and insulating the attic. Proper ice dam prevention protects attics and roofs from gutter damages, structural damages, rotting decking, water damages, mold or mildew, loss of shingles, leaks in roofing and deterioration of existing insulation. 

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Our Services Include:

Rockford Insulation Pros provides air sealing, which closes off gaps inside a structure. Air sealing stops drafts, air leakage, condensation, reduces moisture, and prevents pests. 

Air sealing closes off gaps in:

  • Doors
  • Boxsills
  • Windows
  • Rim joists 
  • Exterior walls
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Forced air ductwork

By air sealing off your structure, you are essentially closing every “window” left open to the cold on a winter day.

Not only is insulation used for improving comfort and energy efficiency, it is also used for sound deadening. Sound deadening is important for muffling out noises from neighbors, passing cars, barking dogs, and noises from within other rooms of the structure.

The difference between sound proofing and sound deadening is that in sound proofing, all sound is completely blocked out, while sound deadening only muffles and reduces sound waves. Sound deadening can be achieved by using certain types of insulation, while sound proofing requires additional materials to achieve the effect. Sound deadening insulation is available in these various forms: open cell spray foam, fiberglass, denim, and rockwool. Each version of insulation offers a different Sound Transmission Class.

Sound Transmission Class or STC is a measured rating of a material’s effectiveness in reducing sound between walls, ceilings, doors, floors, and windows. Understanding STC levels can help determine which type of insulation is needed for the structure.

STC Levels

  • 25 STC: A regular tone of voice conversation can be heard and understood.
  • 30 STC: A loud tone of voice conversation can be heard and understood.
  • 35 STC: A loud tone of voice conversation can be heard but is indecipherable.
  • 40 STC: A loud tone of voice conversation sounds like a whisper.
  • 50 STC: Loud noises are barely heard.
  • 60 STC: This level is considered as soundproofed, where noises are not heard.

A home energy assessment with Rockford Insulation Pros targets energy deficient areas in your home or business. The assessment is based off of a collection of energy examinations which expose any faults in the insulation. After the energy issues have been diagnosed, an insulation strategy plan is formulated to bring you the best efficiency and comfort. 

Attic insulation is used to prevent air from escaping a home as well as prevent outside air from entering the structure. It is also is used a barricade against heat transfer from the outside elements into the inside of the home. Properly insulating an attic can save a homeowner up to 50% on energy payments.

Rockford Insulation Pros also restores attics to their optimal structural condition. Whether the attic was damaged by pests, elements, or mold- our highly trained technicians here to help stop the damage and restore the attic back to a new condition! 

Our company restores attics by taking these steps:

  • Remove any damaged materials or pest debris
  • Seal Gaps
  • Replace insulation
  • Upgrade or replace the ventilation

Rockford Insulation Pros installs fresh air ventilation systems.  We test and examine the systems to insure they are functioning properly.

Proper fresh air ventilation systems prevent the following issues: 

  • Prevent the buildup of pollutants
  • Removal of mold, dust, dander, pollen and allergens
  • Removal of odors
  • Ventilates moisture that can cause mold or mildew

Rockford Insulation Pros offers expert services in Ice Dam Control and Removal. 

Ice dams are large buildups of ice and icicles hanging from the edges of a roof (eaves). When a structure is improperly insulated, the heat rises up to the attic and melts the snow or ice. The melted water then runs down to the eaves of the roof freezes into ice dams.

Ice dams cause various damages including:

  • Leaks in roofing
  • Structural damage
  • Premature deterioration to existing insulation
  • Rotting decking

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Top Of The Line Products Offered

Only the highest quality products available on the market are used in our installations, ensuring long lasting comfort and energy efficiency. We offer a wider variety of products, allowing the customer to find the perfect product that fits their project.

Each product has beneficial qualities and some products may be better suited for the job than others. In order to find the most effective product for the project, our trained and certified technicians can explain the benefits of each product and help select the best material for the job.

Rockford Insulation Pros takes pride in helping improve our local communities and improve the lives of our customers through insulation services. All estimates are free of charge and our technicians are happy to help tackle any insulation project and provide customer satisfaction. Give us a call and experience how insulation can improve your energy efficiency and comfort!

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