Monoglass Spray Insulation

What Is Monoglass Spray Insulation?

Monoglass is a spray-on insulation specifically designed for application in difficult to reach areas. Created from a mixture of polymer and soft glass fibers, monoglass insulation adheres to almost any type of surface material such as: wood, gypsum, concrete, fireproofing, steel, glass, and more.

 Monoglass spray insulation can be applied 5 inches thick on horizonal surfaces and 7 inches thick on vertical surfaces. Monoglass has an R-Value of R-20 on overhead spray applications and R-28 on vertical spray applications.  

Why Should You Install Monoglass Spray Insulation?

Monoglass spray can be applied in one pass without needing additional layers which saves time and money. This product is non-toxic, non-combustible and rated as flame spread 0 along with smoke development 0. Monoglass is mold resistant and partially created from recycled materials. This form of insulation can be used to insulate around high humidity areas such as indoor pools because mold is unable to grow on the inorganic material. 

This spray is an effective thermal and acoustical insulation which reduces noise levels while providing high R-Values of insulation. Monoglass has a Noise Reduction Coefficient of .95 which means 95% of sound waves are absorbed and the remaining 5% are deflected. When sprayed over fireproofing, Monoglass does not affect the fire ratings of the material as the spray is non-combustible. 

What Are the Benefits Of Monoglass Spray Insulation?

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