Converting An Attic Into A Living Space

Have you ever dreamed of having a quiet space in your home like a private library or meditation getaway? Perhaps you need more space for storage, a home office or spare bedroom. For homeowners looking to expand, converting an attic into a living space is an amazing idea that can bring your home to life! Before remodeling an attic into the room of your dreams, first check that the attic meets the building codes required …

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Front Door

Easy Steps To Weather Strip A Door

Whether a house is 50 years old or newly constructed, homeowners can benefit from installing weather stripping on exterior doors. Adding weather strips on a door is an easy way to block pests from crawling through small cracks and prevent drafts from blowing into the home. Weather stripping can be installed professionally by our certified technicians or homeowners can learn how to install it themselves by following the steps below. MATERIALS: The products needed for …

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Home Office

Sound Proofing A Home Office With Insulation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many jobs that were once set in an office have now moved remotely. Sound proofing a home office is especially important for those living in an apartment with paper thin walls, a location with loud trains and traffic, or even a home near barking dogs and noisy pets. Specially designed insulation can be installed to sound deaden a room and additional measures such as air sealing, noise reduction curtains, acoustic …

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Popcorn Insulation

Environmentally Friendly Popcorn Insulation

Researchers from the University of Gรถttingen in Germany have recently produced a new form of insulation which is created from popcorn. Popcorn insulation is formed into boards using a plant based glue, making the entire product edible. Kernels of popcorn are naturally water repellant, fire resistant, and have strong insulating properties. This type of insulation is considered sustainable as it is created from renewable plants and can be recycled into animal feed or composted. The …

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Attic Vermiculite

Removing Vermiculite Insulation And Upgrading To Safer Products

What Is Vermiculite Insulation And Why Is It Dangerous? Vermiculite is a mineral that was used for insulation from about 1919 to about 1985. Vermiculate can be considered dangerous as the majority of the product sold in the United States came from a mine in Libby, Montana which was contaminated with asbestos.  Asbestos insulation can cause diseases, cancer and illnesses. If a home has vermiculite insulation, going into the attic is not advised, as this …

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Winter Window

Stop Cold Winter Drafts With Air Sealing

When sitting by a door or window during winter, you may notice a slight breeze, a howling noise every time the wind blows, or condensation build up on the window. Cracks around windows or doors allow warm air to escape and allow cold air to enter the home. Constant drafts are uncomfortable and require the homeowner to constantly raise the heat in the house, cover up in blankets, or even avoid cold rooms altogether. Drafty …

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Warmer Floors In Winters

Insulation Creates Warmer Floors In Winter

Why are my floors cold in winter? Uninsulated basements and crawl spaces allow cold energy to pass through the levels of the home, making the floor above them extremely cold. Insulation acts as a barrier which prevents hot or cold temperatures from being transferred into the home. Once insulation is added to the basement or crawl space, the cold energy can no longer be conducted to the floor above and the home increases in comfort. …

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