Crawl Space

What Is Crawl Space Insulation?

Crawl spaces can be used for many purposes, including providing access to cooling and heating systems, plumbing, electrical, and storage. The vast majority of crawl spaces are under-insulated, which causes energy loss and higher costs for the homeowner. Properly insulating your crawlspace protects your home, utilities, cuts down energy usage, increases property value, and prevents moisture and condensation.

Signs Of An Under Insulated Crawl Space

Why Should I Insulate My Crawl Space?

Insulating a crawl space is essential for establishing a steady temperature throughout the home, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing energy payments. An uninsulated crawl space loses a significant amount of heat through the floor during winter and lets in hot air during the summer. After insulating the crawl space, the floors directly above will be noticeably warmer in winter. 

A properly insulated crawl space prevents condensation, mold, mildew, and pollutants which in turn creates better air quality and health. With the insulated protection from the elements, heating and cooling systems are under less strain and have a longer lifespan. An insulated crawl space is crucial for preventing pipes from freezing in cold weather. Additionally, a properly sealed and insulated crawl space deters pests from entering the home.

Benefits Of Crawl Space Insulation

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